Finally Open!

So, I am proud to announce that Sound IQ is finally open and ready for business!  This has been two years in the making and I can't believe we're here. We are still adding the finishing touches, but most products are out.  The Experience Room is still under construction and once finished, you will be able to try different level of headphones for yourself.  We have some amazing brands that will put Dr. Dre to shame.  You can try for yourself!

Our sister company, The Scholl Center, houses in the back portion of the space with three sound booths.  A licensed, credentialed clinician is always available to take ear mold impressions at our iqBud Bar, answer questions, or explain how things work.  You won't believe the level of technology available and how many products can have custom ear molds.  I will feature many of these products in the weeks to come.  Check back soon.

We are proud to be a part of z104.5 The Edge Xbox a Day in May promotion.  Stop by and enter to win an Xbox.  We will be broadcasting live this Saturday from 12-3 with The Edge.  Stop by and see us!


Lastly, I can't help but post a photo of our newest product, Nuheara IQbus!  These are so stinking' cool!  They amplify speech, agent hearing, have high fidelity audio, hands free calling, and an easy-to-use customizable app.  Truly Wireless Earbuds!

Stay tuned...


Nuheara IQbuds

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