The Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier
The Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier

The Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier

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Quiet Sound Amplifier 

The BEAN® amplifies sounds and enhances your hearing experience so your conversations become more effective in the car, in social situations, and at a distance.


Input Modes Microphone
Gain LO (15 dB)  -   HI (23 dB)
Signal Processing Analog
Compression Type Wide Dynamic Range Adaptive Compression
Maximum Output [LO] 112.5 dB SPL
Maximum Output [HI] 115 dB SPL
Telecoil 1 kHz Sensitivity (nom.) NA
THD 3%
Battery Type 10A  zinc-air
Battery Life 10-12 days
Battery Current (typ) 425 uA



  • Operates so smoothly it is almost undetectable
  • Provides high-frequency amplified hearing for the soft sounds of speech
  • Excellent speech intelligibility in both quiet and noisy conditions
  • 2-position switch offers two levels of enhancement
  • Loud sounds are heard naturally with no additional boost.
  • Subtle, low-battery signal alerts user before the battery dies
  • Long battery life (10-12 days) on a tiny cell



    • Can be purchased from any source without referral
    • Designed to fit comfortably and look good in either ear
    • Ready-to-use right out of the box
    • No adjustments needed; no controls to adjust
    • Delivers high-fidelity sound quality and amplified hearing
    • Handles high inputs of music without distortion
    • Does not require custom molds


    The Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier