Sound IQ is Tulsa's resource for boutique audio products, listening devices, ear care, tinnitus management products, and hearing aids. We offers an unforgettable experience. Visit our store to try out all the latest audio and tinnitus management products and get a feel for the kind of sound you want to invest in. From musician's in-ear monitors, to personal sound amplification devices, whether your a professional, or just a music-lover, Sound IQ will help you find your tailored sound!


Meet Owner and Doctor of Audiology, 

Dr. Jacque Scholl Au.d CCC-A

Dr. Jacque Scholl is the Owner and Head Audiologist of Tulsa's award winning audiology clinic, The Scholl Center. Jacque took on a whole new concept, a concept that has transformed into Sound IQ & Auditory Academy, one of the first retailers in the U.S. to have an audio-related retail in partnership with an audiology clinic. We specialize in products that assist the hearing impaired and unique audio products you can't find in most brick & mortar stores. We proudly carry high-end headphones, the best of the best in unique earbuds, sports audio devices, waterproof speakers, PSAPs (personal sound amplification devices), and some fun tech-ccessories like designer iPhone cases, chargers, & more! View our products

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